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05 Mar 2015

Hack Candy crush saga and candy crush soda saga full life within minute

Submitted bytrickyworld
Hay Guys Today i will show you the amazing trick to hack candy crush saga with full life. Say No!  to send them request to increase your life in candy crush saga android game. You will get full of life in your candy crush saga and candy crush soda saga within a minute. Follow simple steps: 1. Open candy crush saga game and play till you have no life. 2. Open setting and go to Date and Time setting. 3. tap on set date and Time. 4. Change current date to any future date . 5.
14 Aug 2014

Google Tricks and secrets

Submitted bytrickyworld
  See some interesting tricks of google and enjoy yourself with these tricks. Many tricks like gravity, zerg rush you can see here.. [vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Hey Guys, If you are interested in tricks and if you have curiosity to know about secrets so just chill with this fun... We are telling you some Google Tricks and Secrets, Which are awesome and Fabulous..
02 Aug 2014

Virus Creation

Submitted bytrickyworld
Now the tricky world has a amazing  trick to create a virus in any windows system without any harmful effect. If you have curiosity to do something different and having fun. We are going to  tell you a method to create a virus in which a folder includes many folders with the same name in that.
02 Aug 2014

Secure your Computer system with SYSKey

Submitted bytrickyworld
Hello Guys! Today i am going to tell you way to protect your system with SYSKEY. Everybody knows there is bootable lock   and window lock in system but the think is that there is also a system lock which use to encrypt all database from compromise with other user.  
Wanna tell you, have a new way of syskey to protect your system.

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