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12 Jul 2014

How to handle Asynchronous javascript

Submitted bytrickyworld
Today i am going to tel you how to handle asynchronous java script. First What is Asynchronous java script : In this a code work asynchronously by allowing bunch of code to execute at a time. In this, transaction sends a request for execution and at the same time it will jump to next line without waiting for the response of transaction request. Both the processes (Main process and transaction process) will execute simultaneously.
09 Jul 2014

Nth highest row without using limit and order by in MYSQL database

Submitted bytrickyworld
Hay guys today  i am going to describe you , how to fetch nth highest salary without using limit and order by. first we create schema for this: CREATE table employee (id integer , Name varchar(50), salary integer); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(1,'Vishal',2000 ); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(2,'Roshni',3000 ); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(3,'Piyush',4000 ); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(4,'Sidd',3000 ); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(5,'NITIN',4000 ); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(6,'Manish',5000 ); IN
13 Jun 2014

Web SQL Database (HTML 5)

Submitted bytrickyworld
OK i am going to describe what is HTML 5 web sql database and to use this with javascript and its compatibility. Web sql database having three core methods:
  • openDatabase
  • transaction
  • executeSql
openDatabase: this method is used to create database objects, if database name already exist its simply create object of that , if database not exist then its create new . Syntax:  openDatabase( database Name , Version , database text description, database size) Ex.  var db = openDatabase('mydb', '1.2', 'first web sql test', 2 * 1
27 Jun 2013

Introduction to Denial of service attacks.

Submitted bytrickyworld
Denial of service is concerning while not permission knock off services, for instance through bally the total system. this type of attacks square measure simple to launch and itis onerous to guard system against them. the essential downside is that UNIX operating system assumes that users on the system or on different systems are well behaved. OK, therefore you're thinking that WHY WOULD somebody CRASH SYSTEM? i tell you why. why would somebody crash a system?
12 May 2013

How to run Micromax 3g usb Modem on Linux type operating system like ubuntu

Submitted bytrickyworld
Today i tell you how to run Micromax / Huawei 3G Modem in linux based operating system like Ubuntu , red hat etc.We use Sakis3g app to run 3g modem on linux, you download Sakis3g and extract it. After extract the file you find a file. now you change the permission of this file.
sudo chmod +x sakis3g
this make file to executable file .

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