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20 Jul 2014

Database Transaction

Submitted bytrickyworld
TRANSACTION  MANAGEMENT The word transaction indicate a bunch of operations that is used for performing a single logical unit of work. For instance , for the transferring of money from one account to another describe the two updates in two account i.e. in withdrawing account and in the account to which an account is transferring.
17 Jul 2014

Definition of SQL

Submitted bytrickyworld
SQL language is the standard language for the relational databases. It will easily switch from one relational DBMS to another DBMS product in less time consumption and less expensive. If user or programmer is not happy with the previous DBMS product as if both the relational DBMS product reinforce the same SQL standard.   The acronym ( SQL ) is described as the “ Structured Query Language “. SEQUEL is the another acronym which is the initial name of the SQL .
17 Jul 2014

Purpose of Database System

Submitted byvandana
I think you all are curious to know about the purpose of the database i.e. why we need it ? So here is something which will help you to know why we need database -
  • Mostly we used to our record or information as a hard copy and we maintain those bundles of hard copies in a different ways , like, keeping those files safe from termites , mice, rains, paper damage , etc.
so here we need something which will help us to get rid of all the above things i.e.
16 Jul 2014

About Database management system

Submitted bytrickyworld
Lets begin with the definition of the database,
  • It is something which contain information taken from the real world environment .
  • In this, the data is related to each other in a troop of information.
  • A database is a meaningful collection of data with some integrated meaning.
  • It is designed for a specific purpose to keep the records of the information.
  There is the presence of metadata also i.e. records of the record.
09 Jul 2014

Nth highest row without using limit and order by in MYSQL database

Submitted bytrickyworld
Hay guys today  i am going to describe you , how to fetch nth highest salary without using limit and order by. first we create schema for this: CREATE table employee (id integer , Name varchar(50), salary integer); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(1,'Vishal',2000 ); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(2,'Roshni',3000 ); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(3,'Piyush',4000 ); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(4,'Sidd',3000 ); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(5,'NITIN',4000 ); INSERT INTO employee (id,Name,salary) VALUES(6,'Manish',5000 ); IN

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